Cinesite Acquires Majority Stake in VFX Studio FX3X

Visual effects and animation company Cinesite has acquired a majority stake in Balkans-based visual effects studio FX3X.

FX3X, which works on feature film and episodic television projects, has offices in Skopje and Belgrade. It was founded by Milivoje Gjorgjevikj and Kristijan Danilovski in 1997 and is one of Eastern Europe’s largest VFX houses. It also boasts a fully-equipped motion capture stage at its Skopje location.

Among the credits the studio has worked on are “Thor Love & Thunder” and “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” The studio is currently at work on projects including “Star Trek: Picard” (season 3), “Peter Pan and Wendy” and “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.”

Following its deal with Cinesite, FX3X will soon be accepting students onto its paid training program. The program launches in September and runs until Jan. 2023.

“Working together will allow us to serve our clients even better and on a greater scale in both episodic television and feature films,” said Cinesite Group CEO Antony Hunt. “Having partnered with FX3X over the past couple of years, we have experienced the excellent work ethic and quality of finished shots and we are delighted to add these facilities as an integral part of our client offering to continue to meet the growing demand for high quality visual effects that needs to be serviced.”

Milivoje said: “Kristijan and I are so proud of where our team’s incredible talent has brought FX3X. We have been creative allies with Cinesite previously, so joining forces with them will allow us to unlock the full potent of our business and the amazing home-grown talent we have accesses to in our region.  Our partnership with Cinesite will have a significant, positive impact on the VFX industry in Macedonia and the Balkans region in general.”

This is not the first into VFX for Cinesite. The company previously acquired VFX studios Image Engine in 2015 and Trixter in 2018. It also owns Canadian animation studios L’Atelier Animation & Squeeze Animation.

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